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Airing Date, Synopsis, Recap of Red Shoes Episode 77

There is something wonderful about Korean Dramas. One of the Korean television series drama Red Shoes was released on July 5, 2021. It has more than 100 episodes and the distributor of the series is KBS. the drama is all about melodrama, revenge, and lots of romance. The series is about a daughter named Kim Jem-ma enacted by So Yi-Hyun who wants to take revenge on her mother who was heartless. As her mother left her to bother and father in the search of triumph and love. She wants to reunite with her first love. After that, her father lost trust in love and her brother is a carefree and charming person. The drama streamers on KBS2 and our on every weekend exact at 07:50 P.M. Korean Standard Time.

Red shoe viewers are eagerly waiting for the next episode. Once you start watching this TV drama you will get glued to it. Min-Hee-Kyong the mother in the drama made the bold moves in her life and became the self-made leader. All the characters of the Red Shoes have made a special place in people’s hearts. Keep on scrolling for more information about Red Shoes Episode 77.

Before knowing about the next episode let us discuss the recap of the previous episode.
In the last episode 76, we witnessed Kim Jem reveal the idea of marrying Yoon Hyun. this idea was the part of taking revenge only. On the other hand, Min-Hee has the strong desire of becoming a minister but the barrier is Kwon Hyuk who uses all his tactics and methods to stop her from becoming a minister. But she being the boss lady always prioritizes power over everything. Read this article for the airing date of Red Shoes Episode 77.

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Release date of Red Shoes Episode 77

The next episode is entitled “Without Blood or Tears” which will release on 5th November 2021. In this episode, we can see Min-Hee as a minister and Kim-Gem will come with a new way of taking her revenge. Many surprises are on your way in this Red Shoes Episode 77. Each episode runs for approximately 40 minutes. The official broadcasting network of Red Shoes is KBS2. till now it has covered major plot and twists. We will try to come up with more information. You can watch the promo of Red Shoes Episode 77 on the internet.

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