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Chucky Episode 7 Latest Release Date & Facts based on Previous Episodes!

Latest in the genre of Horror, Chucky is moving with a much needed pace with every episode. The debut season of the show is so far one of the best horror tv shows to be released for quite some time. The latest, sixth episode of the show takes us back to Jake, Lexy and Devon in their saga to find Chucky as they reach Andy Barclay for help. But until they find a solution for the mishapious problem, teenagers have to learn to protect one another on their own. Because if we know even a little bit about Chucky, he won’t be silent for too long. 

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The ‘serial killer’ does not wastes a single opportunity to terrify and torture teenager and the sixth episode continue this conceptions. In the latest episode, Chucky gave two mind-flipping shocks to the trio. But now what happens next? And when will it happen? Here’s what you should know about Chucky Episode 7.

Chucky Episode 7: When Will It Release?

The seventh episode of Chucky has been scheduled for a premiere on November 23, 2021. The show will premiere on SyFy at 10 pm ET on the above mentioned date. The debut season of the horror-drama consists of a set of 10 episodes with a duration of 40-45 minutes each. New episodes are released on the streaming service and broadcaster every Tuesday. 

Chucky Episode 7: When Can You Watch It Online?

Those who rely on cable to watch the new set of episodes, they will be able to watch Chucky Episode 7 on Syfy and the USA Network. Moreover, the episodes are also available on Syfy’s official website and app, and the USA Network’s website. The one who does not have any access to these, can stream the new episode on YouTube TV, Hulu+Live TV, and DirecTV.

Chucky Episode 7: What We Know?

The seventh episode of ‘Chucky’ is titled “Twice the Grieving, Double the Loss.’ The title of the upcoming episode is most likely a reference to the death of Detective Bree and Evans in the sixth episode of the show. 

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