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Is Dan Walker[BBC Journalist] Getting Married Soon or Already Done it?

Daniel Meirion Walker is a journalist, television presenter, and newsreader from the United Kingdom. Back from 2009 until this year, he has hosted Football Focus, and since 2016, he has hosted BBC Breakfast. Dan, the star of Strictly Come Dancing, is a fixture on our television screens, and he also hosts BBC Breakfast. While the fans are accustomed to seeing his face on television, the star prefers to keep his family out of the spotlight.

Is Dan Walker[BBC Journalist] Getting Married Soon or Already Done it?
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About Dan Walker’s Family and Relationship

After meeting at university, Dan married his love Sarah in 2001, and the couple presently lives quietly in Sheffield. The duo shares three children, daughters Susanna and Jessica, along with their son, Joe. Due to a joke that he made before, his Wikipedia profile formerly stated that his son’s name was Chuck instead of Joe. He said about this in an interview around five years ago that he adored Chuck Norris and would name a son after him. He further stated that one of his friends had changed his wiki page to imply that he had Chuck’s son. He also mentioned that he, along with his wife Sarah, came to Sheffield last year because it’s played a massive part in their lives, and they both educated here, and it’s where he began broadcasting. Dan values family above all else, and last month, he took a break from his host duties to spend more time with his family members.

Dan Keeps His Family Private

He has previously released photos of his children during family vacations, but their faces were always hidden from the view of the fans. It is unknown how old the children are or how they obtained their names, but we know that Dan is a loving father and husband when he is at home with his wife and family. His day begins with a trip to the hairdresser, followed by a return to his house for dinner provided by his wife Sarah Walker, as he informed his 216,000 followers on Instagram. Sarah, Dan’s wife, hasn’t been photographed with Dan because he prefers to keep her out of the spotlight, and it’s widely assumed that she’s a beautiful cook. Dan also disclosed that his wife is a fantastic baker, as he posted a photo of beautiful maple and pecan cake made by Sarah for a family member’s birthday party. 

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