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Kendall Jenner Embellished Sheer See-Through Dress sets Records of “Classy”

After nailing her ”thong” look in the 2017 Met Gala, Kendall Jenner is ready to take the bar a notch high to make it certain that she is here to take all the attention.

The Met Gala 2021 was a huge success with so many celebs walking down the red carpet. From many nailing their bold looks to a few turning disasters, we had our stake in the Gala.

However, this time, it’s about Kendall Jenner and how she rocked that fully sheer look in the process.

After all, she is the highest-paid supermodel out there. Were we expecting any less from her though?

Wrapped in the embellished Givenchy Gown, the supermodel left people in awe of her as he walked down the Red carpet on September 13 in the Met Gala. Her outfit takes inspiration from the dress of Audrey Hepburn’s ”My Fair Lady.”

Kendall Jenner – The ”Bare” Lady of the Night!

Not only she killed it during the event but people were awestruck. Jaws were literally dropped on the floor as people watched The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star posing. The gown was embellished from head to toe, with crystals.

Met Gala had many such glimpses but this was a bold fashion statement coming from Kendall. Many celebs were a part of the Met Gala and left their startling, bizarre, and disastrous look behind.

Walking on the red carpet solo, Kendall finally made a comeback to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY City where the event was hosted. Devin Booker, her boyfriend was seen giving the supermodel company.

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The super-sexy-hot-exotic model’s sheer, curvy, long, and cleavage-toned look caused heads to turn. This dress, by far, is one of the most stunning and powerful dresses to date to the Met Gala.

She paired her dress with strappy pair of heels. To top it off, there was a brunette pony to top it all off.

Kendall has also been an active participant for other Met Gala where she brilliantly pulled off a Calvin Kelin gown in green. Following it was a La Perla which had more than 85,000 crystals on it stretched through a single piece of thread.

Kendall’s sister Kylie wasn’t by her side this time, her sister decided to not be a part of this event for the year, reports said, “She pulled out last minute because she is overwhelmed and just doesn’t feel great,”

“She did a lot this past weekend and pushed it. Kylie has been going back and forth for the last two months on if she wanted to attend or not and decided she doesn’t really need to go.”

Kendall’s first met gala event was back in 2014.

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