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Let’s explore the happenings in the Woods in Yellowjackets: revealing who will lose his life. 

The drama is from a well-known Marvel comic; Yellowjacket is up again with lots of exciting elements. The series revolves around the genre of violence, crime, and horror. The members participating in the series take the drama to the next level with their acting skills, enhancing its effect. The show will arrive on 12th November 2021. The series stars Sophie Nelisse, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Sophie Thatcher, and Sammi Hanratty. The group of the four stars plays a role of a teenager who falls trapped in a plane crash with a few others. The story unfolds the mystery element, later catching the eyes of an audience. 

The storyline of the drama:

Yellowjacket is a thriller show dealing with the essence of suspense and terror. The show broadcast four great women who worked as soccer players. The four are very young and talented ladies. They manage to survive after facing the dangerous incident of a plane crash. Their desperation to live created hope for them and gave them the motivation to fight. Yellowjacket is a fictional show taking references from movies such as “Alive” and “Lord of the flies” to create a terrific scene. 

The show holds the capability to create the power of imagination on its audience. The scene opens where a young female character is observed escaping in the woods. To know more about what happened later, we need to uncover the show. 

What happens in the wood in Yellowjackets?

The scene highlights the murder of a young girl who is part of the crowd. The scene exposes the landscape after the crash, the warring clans that hunt others for food. Clans plan to trap their victim in the snow, ultimately causing death to them. After killing the girl, they hang her body upside down, duct her blood, cook different parts of her body and have her as their supper. 

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Who died in the woods?

The audience believes that the who falls trap of death is Jackie as their assumption about Shauna’s death failed. Every scene in the episode will create an irony for the viewers, making them believe something will create suspense. 

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