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Lili Reinhart Lashes Out On Riverdale ‘FANS’! Asks Them To Not Watch The Show

“Riverdale” is one of the greatest series successes that streaming giant Netflix can look forward to. It is already clear that there will be a 7th season of “Riverdale”, the fifth has just ended.

While fans are looking forward to the crossover with “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”, “Riverdale” actress, Lili Reinhart is celebrating the 100th episode of the series that made her one of the big stars in Hollywood on TikTok. But not every fan is happy together with Reinhart and uses the comment column of their TikTok video to comment on the series. However, the actress does not put up with that and shoots back.

“Riverdale” Cast Members Celebrate The 100th Episode.

To celebrate 100th “Riverdale” episode, Reinhart published a small video on TikTok. She can be seen asking her colleagues Camila Mendes and Drew Ray Tanner for a small piece of cupcake.

The two agree, but not before they both take another hearty bite of their cake. Many fans congratulate in the comment column on a blatant success. One hundred episodes are an important milestone for a series. Not many make it that far and right now, it looks like “Riverdale” will have some more heavy WTF stories ready for us. However, not all fans are so kind to the actress in her statements.

Do That Somewhere Else. Or Don’t Watch The Shitty Show.

Some “fans” are not happy that “Riverdale” can still be streamed and is going on cheerfully and think that they have to unload this view from Reinhart. 

“I stopped liking ‘Riverdale’ when they all grew up,” writes one person. “100 episodes too many, friend,” writes another. “How can it be that a series like this gets 100 episodes and good shows are canceled. I have lost my faith in humanity,” is the harsh comment of another person. 

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Reinhart, too, seems to have fallen from the clouds when she read these comments because her answer was quick and nasty. “Can you all stop putting the show we’re all on in MY comments? Do that elsewhere. Or just don’t watch the shitty show.” Clear words from the “Riverdale” star.

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