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Monsta X: Fastest K-Pop Act, dubbed ‘ MVP’ and thus won the Music Show

Monsta X: Fastest K-Pop Act: ‘No Limit,’ the 10th mini-album by Monsta X, including the title track ‘Rush Hour.’ Even though this period only includes five members due to its leader Shownu’s current military service, it was a success for both the fans and the band.

To emphasize how much they were missing Shownu, Minhyuk used the lamb skewer meme as an important part of their choreography in the first place. With the song “Rush Hour,” fans have already first music competition.

An immediate smash, ‘No Limit’ broke personal records on its first day of release for Monsta X. With over 110k sales in the first 24 hours album ever. The album had sold more than 171 thousand copies. As a side note, it is worth noting that despite being published on a Friday, this album has sold over 201k copies in its first week. Many people felt it was amazing of the album’s release.

The album also topped the Hanteo Charts in the United States. In addition, their debut album, ‘No Limit,’ debuted at the top charts, including the FLO music chart for the first time. It has also SBS MTV’s ‘The Show’, which is SBS MTV

#RushHour1stWin was trending on Twitter by Monbebes Using Twitter

The K-pop music show ‘The Show’ awarded Monsta X first place on November 23 following the album’s they were a music program of their own. Because ‘The Show’ tracks the charts and digital points from Saturday through Friday.

As #RushHour1stWin started trending on Twitter, fans and non-fans alike were ecstatic. This week’s “RushHour1stWin” went to “MONSTAX” with “LESS THAN of monitoring,” according to one Twitter user. “FROM THE FASTEST,” a Monbebe said. After the song’s success, another fan wrote: “I am really happy of you guys. Johheon rejoice a lot because. All of you are in my heart and soul.

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Monbebes was mesmerized by Jooheon’s genuine gratitude as he acknowledged his fans. Congratulations, you all deserve it, and thank you for providing such a beautiful title tune! Jooheon is profoundly grateful for all of your hard work.”

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