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Son of Monarch: all crucial points wrapped together!

Son of Monarchs is a Mexican American drama also known as Hijo de Monarcas in Spanish. The film is directed by Alexis Gambis, with Abraham Dayan and Maria Altamirano as its producers. The story of the movie was composed by Alexis Gsmbis, starring Tenoch Huerta Mejia, Alexia Rasmussen, Lazaro Gabino Rodriguez, Noe Hernandez, Paulina Gaitan, and William Mapother. The drama originated in The United States in English and Spanish as the language of communication, holding its world premiere at the 2020 Morelia International Film Festival.

Son of Monarch
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Son of Monarch is a story of immigration, but it does not explicitly focus on the word’s literal meaning. The movie had a hidden meaning to convey its message to the viewers. The viewers need to hold patience throughout the duration to receive its accurate statement, but once the movie concludes, the audience will consider it worth watching. It is a fictional story breaking the stereotypical mindset of society.

In the show, we will notice a protagonist whose grandmother left the world. The departure of his grandmother makes him sad and disheartened. When the protagonist hears the news that his grandmother dies, he leaves his work in Mexico and returns to his home town, New York. His journey from Mexico to New York also made him go through a mental trauma of his past, which he confronts in the film. His experience reflects on his hybrid identity. The movie carries a metaphorical aspect in it.

The expected date for the film’s arrival was set to be on second November 2021, on HBO max. The film had won the Alfred P.Sloan prize just after it made its first premiere.
HBO Max is a platform where the movie will be streaming. One can watch the show after taking the premiere membership of the app, which is available at the cost of dollar 14.99 per month.

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HBO Max also provides access to many other blockbusters shows apart from The Son of Monarch, such as “Friends” and “South Park”.

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