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Time Season 2: Is BBC Ending Suggestive of More?

Time, a new crime thriller from BBC One, follows Sean Bean’s Mark Cobden as he discovers the dangerous world of jail. When the series launched in June it was also made accessible on BBC iPlayer so that fans could watch it at their own convenience.

Viewers who have binged all the way through the first season are now wondering if Time will come back for a second season. It follows the narrative of Mark Cobden (Sean Bean), a freshly released prisoner who finds himself in a dangerous situation. The script was written by Jimmy McGovern.

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Eric McNally (Stephen Graham) is a jail guard who does his best to protect the inmates he is responsible for. Even more problematic is the fact that Eric’s greatest vulnerability is his son being in prison. This forces him to make an unthinkable decision..

Is Time Season 2 on the horizon?

Time has yet to be confirmed for a second season or whether it will be a one-off miniseries.
After the first three episodes of BBC One’s Time, the show’s future is still up in the air. As Time’s first installment has just been released, it is understandable that no announcement of a second series has yet been made.

Does the season finale set the stage for the Time Season 2?

No news from the BBC on whether Time will return for a second season or whether the prison drama will be a one-off miniseries, as previously stated. If the series were to center on Eric’s time in jail and Mark’s efforts to rebuild his life outside of Craigmore, the events in episode 3 leave the door open for more.

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To add insult to injury, Jackson Jones remains at large because Eric was unwilling to name people in order to keep his kid-safe. Time’s major focus was on Mark Cobden’s time in jail, thus a return by writer and creator Jimmy McGovern to the show appears improbable, but not impossible. It is now aired on BBC One every week and maybe seen on BBC iPlayer.

Whether this will be a two-season show or a one-off miniseries has yet to be determined.
BBC One’s Time has yet to find its footing after the first three episodes. It is acceptable that there has not yet been a second series announcement for Time, because the first one was only launched.

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