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Where to watch Tesla note episode 7 release date & everything you must know

‘Tesla Note,’ written by Kouta Sannomiya, is a manga series. It was first published in Kodansha’s Weekly Shnen Magazine from January to July of 2021 The Anime Network will begin airing a series adaptation in October 2021. Get the latest news and updates about Tesla Note Episode 7, including spoilers, air dates, and more!

Make sure to bookmark this page so you do not miss out on any spoilers for Tesla Note Episode 7 as they become available.

Where Can I Find Episode 7 of Tesla Note?

Funimation and Chrunchyroll will stream Tesla Note Episode 7. On YouTube, you can find Tesla Note Episode 7 in the United Kingdom or another country.

How many episodes are planned for this show?

The “Tesla Note” anime will run for 12 episodes and premiere on October 1, 2021. On Sundays at 03:00 PM JST, news will be published.


Founded by a mysterious organization, Mission T aims to avert planetary doom. Workers are recruited to train as warriors who will rescue the planet, and they are put through a grueling training regimen. It is a secret operation. Botan Negoro was brought up as a ninja and a spy. Working under the direction of Kuruma, Botan is a highly trained assassin.

The “Shards of Tesla” are the glass shards belonging to inventor Nikola Tesla, and the team’s goal is to retrieve them. Agents from other nations are pursuing Tesla, so they must be always vigilant. The beginning of a unique spy’s journey has come to an end.

Additionally, Elmo make up the rest of the group. As a talented youth, she stands out because of bright purple eyes. For example, she has the capacity to lip-read (like a Ninja), and can disguise herself. When she had to catch criminals on a mission, Botan’s fluency in many languages came in handy. Scruffy hair and eyes make him seem older. Since then, they have been working together to achieve their goals. Mickey’s eyes are emerald green, and his hair is a spiky blonde color.

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As soon as he joined her squad, Botan’s life was changed forever. Due to the fact that other evildoers are fighting for the same reward, In order to build a new world when the present one is destroyed, several spies and operatives are interested in discovering Nikola’s secrets.

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