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Zendaya Becomes Youngest CFDA Fashion Icon Award Winner

During the evening of November 10, the CFDA Fashion Awards 2021 were held at the Grill Room in New York City, where Zendaya received the award as Fashion Icon. The actress is the youngest in history to have obtained this recognition, and she showed up at the event with a total red look.

At the 2021 CFDA Fashion Awards, Zendaya wore a scarlet Vera Wang suit with Bulgari jewelry. Her look included a cutout dress consisting of a mini crop top and a fluffy skirt. The Dune actress’s nails were also sparkling red, and the star wanted to frame her face with long braids.

Zendaya’s fame has grown in recent years, thanks to her roles in film and TV and due to her great appearances at events and awards. Her looks made people talk about themselves, becoming iconic and viral on social media, where millions of users praise the actress’s style. Precisely for this reason, the commission of the CFDA Awards has decided to assign this vital recognition to her.

Zendaya had already made history by winning her first Emmy Award in 2020, for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series, for her role in Euphoria. The actress, at the time, broke the record held by Jodie Comer, who in 2019 had received the award at 26, Zendaya got it instead at 24.

Tom Holland Pays Homage To Zendaya

The celebrations for the award for Fashion Icon obtained by Zendaya at the CFDA Fashion Awards 2021, we’re joined by Tom Holland. The actor and colleague of Zendaya in the Spider-Man trilogy has been rumored to be her life partner since July when news broke that the two were officially dating. Over the months, there have been tests that corroborate these rumors, and exchanges on social networks between the two have become more frequent.

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In fact, after the recognition received by Zendaya, Tom Holland dedicated a post to her on Instagram. The actor has published one of the shots that portray the colleague during the evening of the CFDA Fashion Awards, writing a detailed caption.

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